Who I Work With and How

You may be:

  • in a position of leadership in an organisation or in your community looking for support to create change, build inner resources, renew vocation or find clarity on the next steps;

  • involved in an organisation that wants to transition to more effective, harmonious and collaborative structures and working practices;

  • part of a citizen-led initiative and wishing to create meaningful dialogue and collaboration with others;

  • seeking ways to nourish and heal yourself and some of your relationships, as well as live with more care and authenticity.

You may need:

  • clarity of direction in the midst of increased complexity;

  • better understanding of the challenges inherent to your role and life;

  • skilfulness in navigating difficult situations;

  • increased sense of agency and hope;

  • support in establishing functional relationships and/or organisational structures;

  • deepened self-awareness, integrity and growth;

  • companionship on the journey.

You can work with me via:

  • individual coaching;

  • public workshops;

  • in-house training;

  • consultancy.

What to expect:

Typically, I will first want to chat about the challenges you are experiencing and what I could support you with. I will make a proposal with costings based on our initial, free conversation. Individual coaching happens on a frequency that is mutually suitable, either face to face at my home or online (via Skype or Zoom). If contracted for organisational consultancy or in-house training, it would help me to speak to a few members of the organisation whether staff or board first.

This work would then happen in two stages:

1. Listening, discerning and planning.

2. Delivery.

Book your free initial conversation [here]

Anyone wishing to take part in my public events, or interested in keeping track of my work, is invited to sign up to my mailing list (See below).

Services to Teams and Organisations:

  • hosting team events (such as strategic review days, vision/purpose/mission discernment, and team building);

  • facilitating collaborative decision-making across a wide range of partners;

  • board development: clarifying vision/purpose and personal motivation, values-alignment, effective decision-making and communication;

  • individual support for leaders;

  • setting up systems for conflict resolution, growth and learning, team and individual care, and partnership with all stakeholders;

  • holding space for difficult conversations.

Custom Training for your organisation or your community:

  • Convergent Facilitation: a tool for collaborative decision making;

  • Introduction to the Art of Collaborative Leadership;

  • Giving and receiving feedback without criticism;

  • Learning and deepening Nonviolent Communication practice;

  • Building inner resilience and other inner resources;

  • Navigating difficult conversations;

  • Finding or renewing vocation: Who am I? What is my personal vision/purpose/values? What calls me next?