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"The course on collaboration was challenging and has certainly helped me review how I personally communicate and deal with conflict in a variety of work and non-work settings. Verene is the genuine article; she clearly "knows her stuff" and relishes working with people from widely varying backgrounds and life perspectives."  
Ian Davidson, Advice Worker.

"Verene is an inspiring role-model and teacher in her work with communication and (self) empathy. She has an incredible ability to read a situation with a sharpness that pierces through to the most pertinent needs of the people she works with. She then has a knack for turning this into meaningful and practical solutions.
Roland Playle, Facilitator and Environmental Activist.

"I found the workshop very moving, powerful and liberating. It has given me peace as regards to some of my conflicted relationships, and this was very valuable. As a trainer myself, I have the utmost respect for how Verene held our space and facilitated our learning. It was wonderful to watch and to be a part of.
Mary Murphy, Co-councelling Psychologist and Mother.

"Vérène's sensitivity made her available to speak on a one to one basis to participants and I found this emotionally containing for me. The focus was on deepening our practice and I think this was achieved successfully. I liked the tasks we were set and the process of coming to our own understanding about the inner work of self-compassion."
Satya Dunning, Performance Artist