COP26 Events
Nonviolent Communication (NVC): a Path of Liberation
A free workshop on Wednesday 10th November
9.45am for 10am-12pm.
Glasgow Quaker Meeting House and on Zoom

NVC is best known as a tool to engage with conflict and improve interpersonal relationships. It’s of course also a powerful pathway to compassion and empathic listening.

It is however rarely taught as a practice of liberation from the legacy of patriarchy, capitalism, racism and all other authority-based structures. This workshop will be an introduction to NVC through a systemic lens i.e. how it can be a practical path to dismantle the inner structures that condition climate change, social inequality and all forms of control and command. If you are an NVC practitioner, this may be a brand new exploration of the practice. If you are new to NVC and would love to understand what part you could play in tackling the climate crisis, this could be an empowering window of exploration.

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How to Hold Meeting for Clearness for Activists (with Alastair McIntosh)
Thursday 4th November 9.30-1pm and
Monday 8th November 2-6pm at Glasgow Quaker Meeting House and on
 Sunday 7th November 1-4pm (online) and in French.

Many processes used in organising for social and environmental change in the world have come out the Quaker spiritual tradition.
These revolve around shared discernment, the deep being and seeing into problems in community with others. Meetings for Clearness are an approach by which a person faced with a challenging life focusses their question discerns it with the help of others’ open questioning. In this workshop, Alastair McIntosh and Vérène Nicolas will introduce the psychology and spirituality of discernment. Participants will then divide up into small groups to carry out a short clearness meeting. Then in a closing plenary, we will consider the process and its usefulness as an aid to deepening the meaning, direction and effectiveness of our activism, not least around climate change. Alastair McIntosh and Verene Nicolas are members of Glasgow Quaker Meeting.

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