For a very long time now, I have been concerned about the state of our planet, who we seem to have become as humans and how we live and work together. Since my early adult life, I have apprenticed in mobilizing my resources to learn and share practical and theoretical knowledge that would address the root causes of social and environmental injustice and help build a nonviolent, collaborative world. One particularly important concern in my life has been to face my privilege, and steward it in various shapes and forms, to support people working alongside poor and/or marginalized communities. 


My journey of life so far has taken me to several countries of Africa where I spent my childhood, France where I am culturally from and studied agriculture and economic/rural development, Ireland where I got initiated into community living and community development and finally Scotland where I have established my home for the last 23 years, working on various projects and living with writer and activist Alastair McIntosh.


I work at the juncture of personal/inner and collective/structural change and alternatively play a teaching, coaching, facilitative or consulting role depending on context. The projects I work on act as prototypes of what it takes to create collaboration and a nonviolent future. Some of my work is online and international. I like most of all engaging with people in person.


As much as participating in a nonviolent future is core to who I am, a great deal of my time is spent on deepening my inner life (through silent meditation, yoga, dance, writing and contact with nature). I believe that showing up in a relaxed, present, creative and playful way is a political act. It creates alignment with life itself and counterbalances the paradigm of control and separation that rules our present world. 


Whilst I am inspired by many currents of thoughts and practice, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is the core organising principle of my life and work. I am a co-founder and member of the international NGL (Non Violent Global Liberation) project and community. I am a qualified Biodanza teacher though only occasionally teach at the moment. However I am part of the vibrant Monday evening Biodanza class led by my friend Catherine Canning in Glasgow.  I also belong to the Quaker community and of the Galgael Trust in Govan.