Some projects I have been involved in over the years:

  • Master's Degree in Human Ecology delivered by the Centre for Human Ecology (CHE): tutor and co-ordinator;
  • Training for Transformation diploma course in South Africa: participant in the first cohort (2002-03) and then tutor;
  • Partnership between CHE and a number of Black and Ethnic Minority organisations in Scotland: project co-ordinator and facilitator;
  • Network of Popular Educators in Scotland: practitioner (including teaching public courses on topics like eco-feminism, and applying the Training for Transformation approach with community groups);
  • Field visits hosted by CHE for  groups of planners and grassroots community activists from Papua and West Papua (Indonesia): facilitator;
  • Church of Scotland's Priority Areas: support to a number of them across Scotland to help their leadership team to work well together and nurture spaces that are kind, collaborative and 'hospitable to the soul'; see article here

Some of my current projects:

      1. Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) project and community
        Co-founder and member of the international team that is designing and maintaining the structures for NGL (online and residential). Provider of learning both for the online and residential programmes. Co-holder of and provider on the “Provider Apprenticeship Programme”;
      2. Stewarding the Convergent Facilitation (CF) "ecosystem" with other colleagues from NGL
        Leading learning events in Convergent Facilitation and developing infrastructures (websites and online platform) to support the community of CF practitioners;
      3. Organisational Consulting
        Facilitating teams or organisation-wide "Vision Mobilisation" processes with a number of organisations