Some projects I have been involved in over the years:

  • Master's Degree in Human Ecology delivered by the Centre for Human Ecology (CHE): tutor and co-ordinator;
  • Training for Transformation diploma course in South Africa: participant in the first cohort (2002-03) and then tutor;
  • Partnership between CHE and some Black and Ethnic Minority organisations in Scotland: project co-ordinator and facilitator;
  • Network of Popular Educators in Scotland: practitioner (including teaching public courses on topics like eco-feminism, and applying the Training for Transformation approach with community groups);
  • Field visits hosted by CHE for  groups of planners and grassroots community activists from Papua and West Papua (Indonesia): facilitator.

Some of my current projects:

  • Church of Scotland’s Priority Area teams: 
    Helping teams from the Church of Scotland's most deprived parishes to work well together and nurture spaces that are kind, collaborative and 'hospitable to the soul'; see article here
  • Nonviolent Global Liberation (NGL) project and community
    Co-founder and member of the international team that is designing and maintaining the structures for NGL (online and residential). Provider of learning both for the online and residential programmes. Co-holder of and provider on the “Provider Apprenticeship Programme”;
  • Resourcing collaborative Leadership amongst journalists and people from the creative industries in Scotland
    Co-tutor of one-day learning events organised by the National Union of Journalists and co-writer of an online module on collaborative leadership to accompany the course;
  • Centre for Human Ecology
    One of the tutors of the learning co-operative being set up by the Centre for Human Ecology. Current course titled: "Digging Deeper for a Better World – Understanding the Mess We Are In Through the Lens of Patriarchy.";