Some articles and reports I have written or co-authored:

  • Reflections on a learning process to enable NGO professionals in Africa to transition from authority-based to collaboration (in cultures where the use of power over, threat and violence is wide spread). – February 2015.

  • A chapter in Space and Polity (Routledge, 2015) co-authored with Kate Driscoll Derickson and Gehan MacLeod.

  • A chapter of the Centre for Human’s Learning Report on Govan Together – March 2012.

  • Entretien avec Thierry Groussin parus dans la revue Commencements Numéro 1, Printemps 2011.

  • A pilot project in the Leith and North Edinburgh area to enhance the participation of black and ethnic minority people in the Local Community Planning Partnership and other local democratic processes.

  • 21 steps to enhance Black and Ethnic Minority opportunities in Scotland. Written with a number of colleagues from the Centre for Human Ecology and whilst working with the EMPOWER partnership.

  • The Big Issue in Scotland, a series of columns that ran jointly with Alastair McIntosh during 2002.

  • "Quand l'Ecosse distribue les terres; Vent de réformes après la conquête de l'autonomie", Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris, No 572-48, Novembre 2001, p 6, jointly with Alastair McIntosh.

  • Report of the Embracing Multicultural Scotland Project, Centre for Human Ecology, co-authored with project colleagues Hanna Maan, Nick Wilding, Amadu Khan and Alastair McIntosh, April 2000, 28 pp.

  • The People Speak, The Full Technical Report of The People & Parliament project, co-authored with Canon Kenyon Wright (Chair) and other members of the Steering Group, March 1999, 101 pp.

Books, articles and links that I recommend about collaboration, conflict transformation, nonviolence and the various approaches I use:

  • Parker Palmer, A Hidden Wholeness – The Journey Toward An Undivided Life (2004)

  • Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak – Listening for the Voice of Vocation (2000)

  • The Center for Courage and Renewal –

  • Sally Timmel and Anne Hope, Training for Transformation, Handbooks for Community Workers, Vol 1-4 (1984)

  • Training for Transformation at the Grail Centre, South Africa -

  • Miki Kashtan - Spinning Threads of Radical Aliveness - Transcending the Legacy of Separation in Our Individual Lives (2014)

  • Miki Kashtan - Reweaving Our Human Fabric: Working Together to Create a Nonviolent Future (2015)

  • Miki Kashtan’s blog, the Fearless Heart –

  • John-Paul Lederach – The Moral Imagination – The Art and Soul of Building Peace (2005)

  • Starhawk – The Empowerment Manual – A guide for Collaborative Groups (2011)