My Work

I share a number of practices that help nurture cultures of nonviolence and collabortion
About Verene

About Verene

I work at the juncture of personal/inner and collective/structural change and alternatively play a coaching, training, consulting or facilitative role depending on context. All the projects I work on act as prototypes of what it takes to create collaboration and a nonviolent future. I am based in Scotland. Some of my work is online and international. I like most of all being and working with real people in real places.To know more about me, click here.

"At a time when I was driven to despair in navigating deeply challenging organisational dynamics, Verene’s contribution helped me to re-access inner resources that had become chronically unavailable. The experience of how much more available I became as a result, and the transformative impact arising from improved relationships, demonstrated for me how much we underestimate the amount of inner capacity it takes to inhabit roles of leadership and responsibility with soul and integrity."
Gehan Macleod, Director, The Galgael Trust

How and Who I Work With

My mission is to nurture collaboration in personal and organisational settings, as well as support leaders in their quest for integrity, sustenance, vision and effectiveness

Traditional forms of leadership are showing their limitations everywhere. Many people despair about the culture of blame, conflict and powerlessness that is prevalent in many organisations and voluntary projects.

I respond to this by helping groups and individuals find or refine their purpose, move along the collaboration spectrum, experiment with alternative forms of leadership and create conditions for life to thrive.

My work is most effective at the articulation of the ‘inner’ (individual habits, worldviews and personal skills) and the ‘outer’ (group structures and collective functioning). This is why I advocate working on three parallel strands: working one to one with leaders, building structures that are conducive to collaboration, and training people in specific skills and approaches.